Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Update on the Kittens

Well, today I found out the gender of my kittens. You would think that I'd know how to find that on my own, but I had to have a friend come and look--I also wanted her to give me an estimate on how old they are. This friend has had cats all her life, so she is a good "cat lady." It appears that I had them figured all wrong, while my husband is bragging about the fact that he knew which was which all along. The black kitty (Dennis has named that one Flash) is a female and the tiger kitty (Dennis has named that one Slick) is a male. I don't care for either of those names, but Dennis claims that since he found them and "saved," them, they are officially "his" kittens, and he gets naming rights! I actually wanted to call them Bonnie & Clyde, since they are so good at runnning and hiding from us, but I'll give him his little satisfaction.

My "cat lady" also told me that the kittens are about 8-9 weeks old now and that cats have no moral integrity and don't care whether they are siblings, so we need to get them "fixed" by late August so we won't have even more little kitties to play with. That's good to know. Now I just need to practice calling them Flash and Slick (instead of the black kitty and the yellow kitty as I have been doing!). Yes, indeed, I am getting attached.

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